Iron Chandelierswrought iron fixtures at restaurantMountainside lodge - The perfect home needs the perfect wrought iron furniture!

Welcome to Your Wrought Iron Lodge

Mountain home? Desert Oasis? Lakeside getaway? City retreat? Frontier homestead? Lobby or Boardroom? If you are looking to decorate in contrasts of ruggedness and delicacy with unique, custom-built, value-priced decor, look no further. Give your home or place of business the sophisticated, woodsy, out-in-nature look that is beyond your imagination with furniture and accessories from Wrought Iron Lodge.

We have exactly the kind of of products that you are looking for – and they will last you a lifetime. These beautiful things that you surround yourself with in your domicile will outlast all your cars, trucks, boats and snow machines; and when it is all said and done you will spend a lot more time enjoying them – by the fire, sharing all those outdoor memories – than all of those other things put together.