The Wrought Iron Lodge Story

wrought iron lodge cabin roomWrought Iron Lodge Decor is GUARANTEED to have the finest, most exquisite wrought iron products and lodge accessories available anywhere. Each of our lighting pieces is hand-shaped, hand-sewn, hand-painted, custom-crafted: Lamps, shades, sconces, and chandeliers made with gold and silver mica (we call it Fire Rock), rawhide, iron,. You can now bring the light of the forest, mountains or desert into your home, get-away, or place of business. These lights will transport you to Muir woods with the rays of sunlight penetrating down through the canopy. Or maybe it'll take you to the Catalina Mountains with the sun slipping behind their purple shoulders. 

But our lighting is just scratching the surface. We do so much more. Our rustic chairs, tables, bar stools, and kitchen assessories are straight out of the artisan’s forge and off the anvil. Check out our imaginative fireplace sets and our bold iron and wooden furniture creations that include bedroom and bath assessories, mirrors, and picture frames that will give every room in your home the right touch of grandeur or intimacy.

A Lasting Artform

It starts with the earth. Iron is and has been forever. It is the first gift the earth yielded up to mankind.  It is the primary substance of which the history of man is built. The shape of iron is, in fact, the shape of our lives. Page through old texts, interior-design books, or today’s travel and recreation magazines, and you will see iron everywhere.

when you glance at the time-piece on your wrist or mantel
when you visit Paris and admire the Eiffel Tower
walk among the lamp-posts of an ancient city
when you lean out over your balcony
when you pass over the Golden Gate Bridge
when you turn on that delicate tiffany lamp
when you enjoy it beside the fire after a day of skiing or fishing
when you trust it when you spread your priceless china and crystal on the intricate braids and scrolls of that distinctive table 

Until now the pieces offered at have been known to only a limited segment of the public. But now we are ready for the entire art and decorating world to see these soon-to-be classics. Individually made in our own blacksmith shop, and created to be extravagantly beautiful, each piece is hand-fashioned and custom-ordered. We know that owners of exclusive travel destinations, social gathering places, and 500-Club board rooms will find our lighting and furnishings to be a decorating necessity. But we have found that equally stunning applications are still in the home, as we originally intended. 

Imagine you are relaxing in your mountain cabin, desert get-away, or city loft. Suspended above you are hand-braided iron rods and delicately trimmed, circular iron bands coupled with luminous gold or silver mica. Some even have nature silhouettes with hand-painted or hand-stitched rawhide teepees.  Now imagine a couple of matching wall sconces casting shadows on a distressed wood-and-iron table near you. The feeling that is now yours in imagination is a but small part of the real satisfaction and pleasure we offer in our enduring artistry.  

More About

Made in the USA.  Here at Wrought Iron Lodge we provide our guests with the finest quality materials and workmanship at value-based prices. Each product is hand-made, one-of-a-kind, proudly-built and inspected by skilled American artisans. We want you 100% satisfied with the purchase you make with us.

We are a family business run by members who know what it takes to live beautifully in harmony with nature. And we look forward to helping you decorate your space to your specifications. The less hassle you have to deal with, the happier you'll be a returning returning customer. Even though these pieces of art are made from by hand, to your specifications, we make every effort to ensure that you enjoy your purchases in your home as soon as possible (standard turnaround time is 4-6 weeks).

Because our artisans create their pieces one at a time and many items are custom made-to-order, we must require payment in full before the job is started. Thus you will be fully charged at the time you place your order. To keep you informed of the progress, you'll receive periodic updates and tracking notices by email. USA customers only, please, as we do not sell or ship outside the USA. 

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