As promised, this week we are spotlighting and celebrating the skills of our blacksmiths (the guys and gals who make it all happen) by passing out deep discounts for one of our most featured product lines - BRAIDING MOLTEN IRON RODS!! 

We are showcasing these braided iron masterpieces not only because of the technical skill level that our smiths have risen to in plying their trade, but also because pieces that feature braiding are naturally some of the most beautiful. Looking at them close-up takes one's breath away for both these reasons. 

"I can endure most barstools for only so long until the joy of the surroundings and the conversation lose their flavor and I start trying to relieve the pain of the stool-edge cutting into the back of my legs or looking for a more comfortable place to put my feet."

Barstools: You gotta have ‘em, but so many are just-off-the-assembly-line varieties that “sort-of go” with the rest of your décor and may last a year or two depending on how much use they get. 

Cowboys always, alwaysalways go the extra mile, so here we are back with more stuff to ‘give away’ during “Cowboy Week” at the OK Corral.  

Speaking of which, OK Corral  is the name of an IRON BED we stole out of a second floor room in the Dodge House, next to Kitty’s Long Branch Saloon. And we’re offering it to you, cheap, for the rest of the week!! If you have ever been west and walked the linoleum hallway to the shared bathroom of a western hotel;  if you’ve lain staring at the ceiling of your tiny room listening to the horses frisking around in the corral, totally satisfied after a 20-ounce T-Bone supper, and feeling like you’d finally come home; you’ll relate to this specially-designed monster bed and want to take it home with you. 

John Wayne, James Arness, Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey, my Uncles Clayton and Burton Gillette, a host of others; and the people who wrote them into world-wide legend - Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour!  Yep, pard, my personal heroes have always been cowboys. They’re still here, those happy-go-lucky, iron-hard, chivalrous, romantic, proud-riding, slow-walking, baby-faced, bow-legged, loyal, born-in-the-saddle, self-sufficient heroes, pranksters, lovers, horse-whisperers, cow-tenders, that women love and men step aside for.  If you have some favorite cowboys, images, or stories, we’d like you to share them with us on our facebook.

Only a week in and has already gotten off to a nice start. We have an exceptionally sophisticated team with a distinctive, top-quality product line. As you browse our website for introductory discounts, you’ll see that we don’t make junk. We wanted to showcase some of proudest pieces of art to you through our Grand Opening Extravaganza, but we couldn’t fit it all into just one week.  So we spread it out to FIVE WEEKS!  Click FIVE WEEKS AT A GLANCE (above) for an overview.

We here at Wrought Iron Lodge are having LOTS OF FUN showing off a few of our many hand-made iron art pieces during our Grand Opening – and enjoying the many folks who are responding! If you are one of them, THANKS AGAIN...

As you know, this week we’re featuring some of our beautiful Pool Table Lights and offering them to you at Grand Opening prices.  We’ve decided to reward you for following us into the second week of our celebration by ADDING THREE MORE SPECIAL PIECES.  We warned you that our Pool Table Lights are without peer. And to help back up that claim we have chosen these three additional pieces from the many that we are proud of.

This is the week you get to choose from our Grand Opening Deals on some spectacular pool table lighting. Let me warn you ahead - these are not your normal pool table lights! You have never, ever seen anything like these.  There are some little surprises being prepared for later in the week, so check back once in a while and check us out.  When it comes to Pool Table Lighting, we go a bit overboard...(more)  

To kick off the Grand Opening here at Wrought Iron Lodge, we’re paying homage to some of the earliest influences on our artwork. Our fine details and resourcefulness in using materials crafted from the earth are reminiscent of the ways of the Native American. From the Delaware to the Sioux, the true American Native is an integral part of American history...

Iron has been here forever...

To celebrate our new website, we will be offering deep discounts all next week!

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