Workin' Out the Kinks Hanging Light


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The broncs the boys ride are tough and quick and smart - which makes them great for cutting out yearlings from the herd to be branded.  Many cowhorses are also half wild - being broken the rest of the way as part of their on-the-job training. Each morning they have to learn all over again who's boss.  This morning ritual is called "working out the kinks." Shown here in "cowboy" motif, you can choose any other theme you like for the silhouette on the side of this eye-catching light.. 

This light is very similar to the Forest Pine Hanging Light. Comparing the two, you will see how, by changing the silhouette image, the entire feel of the light changes. The cowboy in this light can also be switched out to any cutout design you wish, including sports logos. Shown here with gold mica, but silver is also available, again changing the impact of this rustic piece. It is perfect for that small area like the entry or hallway. It also looks great in bathrooms. All finishes are available.  They are:Rust (brown), Polished Natural Iron w/ lacquer finish, Flat Black, Hammered Black (with slight texture).. This light is UL listed to hold two 60 watt bulbs.

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