Hitting the Trail Wall Sconce


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As you stare at this light, which appears as an early sunrise scene, you will hear the creak of leather, the jingle of spurs, and the rhythmic thud of sixteen hoves on a carpet of pine needles, as four cowboys come up the trail, open the gate without dismounting, close it the same way and disappear into the morning mist without so much as a 'Howdy.'

Outlined with braided iron and accented with silver conchoes, you can brag about the blacksmith's imagination and skill in this little piece as if you had created it yourself. Of course you can request any of our other images to replace the four cowboys, but you might consider the mood they were in when they passed this morning, and how they might react to being dissed. Actually we know them, and they're a most genial bunch - if they don't get into some cactus, that is. You can choose your finish from rust brown, polished natural iron with lacquer finish, flat black, or hammered black.  Any of these will produce the silouhette you see in the picture, and the variety of finishes allow you to complement any color scheme.  The candle lights are adorned with two hand laced rawhide shades. 17" Wide, 7" Deep, 11" High. It's an impressive piece, worthy of it's subject.


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