Wrought Iron Bar Chairs and Stools

Bar Chairs and Stools

Wrought Iron Benches



With most cabins constructed of logs and pine boards, and lofts supported with massive timbers, iron seating is a great way to balance out the room. It is the perfect addition to set brick walls or stressed plank floors that you've been looking for.

To complement all that beautiful earthy elements, we offer forged iron leather-upholstered dining chairs, swiveled bar-stools, wrought iron benches, and luxurious classic loveseats. You can even customize them with slabs of polished wood, cutout iron silhouettes of big-horn sheep or bucking broncos, and top them off with fine leathers or rawhide. While you’re looking, take note of the distinctive marks of the smith’s hammer, the stylish iron construction, and your choices of finishes and cutouts.  

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