Pigeon Forge Bar Chair


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The end of the day has its rewards.  One of them is related to the posterior part of the anatomy and the luxury of leather and iron.  Our Pigeon Forge Bar Chairs and Stools do satisfy.

For strength, the legs are three rods gracefully arched then braided together at the bottom.  (Legs are shown more closely in the photos of our Pigeon Forge Bar Stools.)   For comfort you will enjoy sinking into the fine 16-inch leather-upholstered swivel seat. For beauty you'll appreciate the iron braid as it continues around the seat and back to create a total affect.  

Several custom options are offered:  (1) You can choose the Wyoming cowboy shown here, any or all of our wildlife and/or nature silhouettes (see other products for examples), or a favorite sports logo (one per chair). (2) The seats can be covered with our own fine leather or you can choose to send your own materials, skins, hides, etc  for us to use (at no extra charge).  (3) All our finishes are offered: rust, flat black, polished black, or hammered black (4) You select chair height. (5) These chairs come equipped with swivel seats but you can save $30 per if you would prefer them without.


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